London contains a wide variety of habitats including parks, gardens, streets, wastelands and areas of "semi-wild" landscapes in the Thames estuary and Lower Lea Valley towards the east (some of which have been destroyed for the 2012 Olympics).  The city is especially rich in species well adapted to ruderal sites such as the Momphidae whose larvae mainly feed on various species of willow-herb Epilopium spp.



East Reservoir, Stoke Newington
© Matthew Gandy

East Reservoir, Stoke Newington. The reed beds support some interesting species of Noctuidae and other species adapted to wetlands. 



My garden in Stoke Newington
© Matthew Gandy

My garden in Stoke Newington. A fairly typical London garden, with over 250 species of Lepidoptera, including many surprises such as Acleris literana in March 2012.